Whitaker Undergraduate Scholarship Program

From Whitaker Website:

As an addition to the opportunities currently available under the Whitaker International Program, the Institute of International Education (IIE) has launched a new scholarship program for undergraduate students in biomedical engineering. The Whitaker Undergraduate Scholarship Program is designed for second, third and fourth year biomedical engineering students from U.S. institutions to study biomedical engineering abroad for one semester or an academic year.


  • To diversify the existing Whitaker International Program to include opportunities for undergraduates in BME
  • To increase the number of undergraduates in BME who go abroad
  • To provide early in their educations the opportunity to see BME from an international perspective
  • To develop students to become future leaders in BME

Home Institution

The program supports scholarships for BME undergraduates from US institutions, in their sophomore, junior or senior year, with at least one semester remaining before graduation, who are interested in a period of study abroad.

Host Country

Grantees will come from diverse geographic areas of the United States and they will conduct their study abroad programs in diverse regions of the world. Candidates may apply to study in any country outside of the U.S., except Canada, because it is contiguous with the United States, and the international experience is minimized.

Host Institution Affiliation

Applicants can participate in a study abroad program approved by their home insitution through  which they can take BME coursework or direct enroll at an international institution that offers outstanding academic training in biomedical engineering. It is the applicant’s responsibility to select the host institution or study abroad program in consultation with their home advisor.

Grant length and start dates

One semester or academic year, no summer programs


  • Up to $7,500 scholarship for one semester/academic term
  • Up to $10,000 scholarship for the academic year

The deadline for the Fall/Academic year competition is March 15.


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