What Can I do to Make Myself a Good Candidate for Fellowships?

The answer to how you can make yourself a strong candidate, unfortunately, isn’t as easy as make good grades, and it doesn’t mean being a member of 10+ campus organizations! Here are some tips for what you can be doing at every stage in the game.

  • Pick challenging classes. Really treat your time here at A&T as an opportunity to not just do well but to do well while really pushing yourself.
  • Take classes outside your major. If your schedule allows it, take classes that might not have anything to do with your major. You could even consider pursuing a minor. Emmanuel Johnson, who recently was awarded a Fulbright Student Scholarship, majored  in engineering, but he also minored in philosophy.
  • Go above and beyond in your classes. In the letters of recommendation they write for you, your professors should be talking about how you did more than you needed to and not that you simply completed your assignments on time.
  • Go to your professor’s office hours. Your professors are a resource. They want to see you succeed. Go to their office hours and talk about how you can improve in the class or how you can take your already great work to the next level.
  • Seek out research opportunities. It’s never to early to get started researching. All fields have research opportunities – find out about these by talking to your professors.
  • Study abroad. Talk to Ms. Whiteside as well as the Office of International Programs to find ways to fund study abroad opportunities
  • Seek opportunities to publish or present your research
  • Take leadership positions in campus or community organizations Or, if there’s an organization that you don’t see on campus that you’d like to see, start it yourself!
  • Develop your communication skills. This means both written and verbal. Talk in class. Talk outside of class to your professors and classmates about subjects you are interested in. Practice writing every chance you get. Never shy away from applying for a scholarship that you would be a good candidate for because of the writing! Ms. Whiteside is here to help you develop your writing, as are your professors and the University Writing Center.

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