Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship

The Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship has just issued their application for 2014. The accompanying press release is as follows:

I’m happy to report that the online application for the 2014 Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowships is now open. The WW Teaching Fellows—current senior undergrads, recent grads, or career changers—are candidates with majors in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, math, and some related areas) who want to pursue graduate-level teacher preparation at one of 22 participating universities in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and New Jersey.

Each Teaching Fellow receives a $30,000 stipend to enroll at one of these partner institutions for a master’s-degree program that includes a full academic year of experience in secondary-school classrooms, along with intensive coursework.  Fellows commit, in turn, to teach for three years in high-need urban or rural schools in the state where they’ve done their preparation, with ongoing mentoring support and lifelong membership in the international network of Woodrow Wilson Fellows.


Current undergraduate STEM majors who will complete the bachelor’s degree by June 30, 2014 are eligible, as are recent STEM graduates, current grad students in these fields, and mid-career or second-career professionals.  Individuals who have demonstrably strong math and science backgrounds, if not a STEM major per se, may also be considered. Application is open to candidates both in and beyond the states where participating universities are located. Application deadlines are October 15, December 2, and January 31.

Full information is available at http://woodrow.org/fellowships/ww-teaching-fellowships. As ever, we are looking for applicants who have not only outstanding credentials, but also experience working with young people, as well as a real commitment to teaching in high-need schools. We look forward to seeing applications from strong candidates on your campuses.


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