Fulbright Scholarship 0215-2015 Award Year Competition

The A&T deadline for this year’s Fulbright competition is September 15. Applicants are strongly urged to contact the camps Fulbright Program Advisor, Ms. Anna Whiteside (Honors Program, 110C Academic Classroom Building, 336-285-2030).

The Fulbright Program is sponsored by the US Department of State. It provides students and faculty with funding to study, research and teach abroad.

The program is only available for graduate studies and research, so this will be an opportunity for current seniors and recent graduates only. In order to apply for a Fulbright, you must be a US Citizen, and you may not have earned a doctoral degree.

The Full Grant is the most widely offered grant. Usually, these grants are designed for an academic year of study in a single country. In order to receive one of these grants, applicants must design their own course of study. Applicants must also secure an affiliation in the host country (these affiliations are usually universities or other research institutions).

The ETA Grant is a teaching assistantship, and this is a grant for students whose primary interest is in teaching rather than conducting research. These are available in 65 countries and vary from a few months to an academic year in length. These grants also vary in terms of language requirements. While some countries do require that you have intermediate to advance proficiency in the language (South America, Western Europe), others (namely Asian and Northern and Eastern European countries) do not have language requirements. This is a good option for students who would like to live and work abroad but who may not have a specific research interest.

Scholars with ETA grants may pursue research interests. Some countries may provide additional funding for this. The grants do not require applicants to secure affiliations; these affiliations will be secured for you, if you are awarded a grant.

ejohnson-back(Pictured above, A&T’s first Fulbright winner, Emmanuel Johnson. Emmanuel completed an MSc in Robotics at the University of Birmingham (United Kingdom). He is currently interning with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab. Following this, he will begin his PhD in robotics at the University of Southern California, which he will do as an NSF Graduate Fellowship Recipient. Check out Emmanuel’s blog here.