HORIZONS Scholarship

The HORIZONS scholarship is for women who have demonstrated interest in a career in national security or defense. The following majors are preferred:  security studies, military history, government relations, engineering, computer science, cyber security, physics, mathematics, business (as it relates to national security or defense), law (as it relates to national security or defense), international relations, political science, and economics


Minorities in Government Finance Scholarship

The Government Finance Officers Association awards this scholarship to a minority junior, senior, or grad student of public administration, financing, accounting, political science, economics, or business, who intend to work for the government.

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Fellowship

Deadline: Early January.

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a leading think tank in the are of international affairs, offersfellowships to graduating seniors to perserve as research assistants in the area of international affairs for one year after graduation. Candidates may not have started graduate school. Candidates must also be endorsed by NC A&T

Summer Research Opportunities

The National Science Foundation offers summer undergraduate research opportunities in many locations across the US. These opportunities are fully funded, meaning that the selected students receive a stipend. Many programs also provide room and board, though a few require students to pay for room and board with their stipend. Many programs also assist students with the transportation costs of traveling to the location. The research opportunities are a great for students to gain both research and work experience and also to develop relationships with mentors and other undergraduates in their fields.


The NSF offers these opportunities in a wide variety of fields. All of the STEM fields are represented, as well as social/behavioral science ( psychology, sociology, economics, political science). Agricultural, animal science, and environmental science majors). If you don’t already have summer plans, this would be a great way to make some money, live in a different part of the US, do some cool research, and meet undergrads in your field.

AFSCME/UNCF/Harvard University LWP Union Scholars Program 2011

From UNCF Website: We believe the future is in the hands of those with the ability and desire to change the world. People like you. That is why we are co-sponsoring the AFSCME/UNCF/Harvard University LWP Union Scholars Program. Our public service union, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), has joined with Harvard University and the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) to let those of you who qualify experience what it is like to be part of the labor movement. You can work on the front lines of a real union organizing campaign, where you will talk to workers about gaining a voice on the job, fair wages and benefits for themselves and their families …by joining a union. You will get an opportunity to do the day-to-day work of outreach to workers by phone and on home visits, campaign research and material development. But the best part is that you will have a chance to make a difference in the lives of people. Plus, you will receive scholarship funding as well as have a real world experience that may help you see what lies in your future. Valid Driver’s License required.

James Madison Graduate Fellowship

The James Madison Fellowship is designed for students who plan to become teachers of American history, American government, or social studies at the 7th through 12th grade level. You do not need to have completed an undergraduate degree in one of these areas, however, you must be planning to study this in graduate school. Approved degrees include: MA in American history or political science,. or an MEd or MAT with a concentration in American Constitutional history or American government, political institutions, or political theory.

Upon graduation, fellowship recipients must teach American history, American government of social studies at the 7th through 12th grade level for one full year, preferably in the state from which the recipient won the fellowship (North Carolina).

The deadline for this year is March 1, 2013.